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June 27, 2019

Becoming a Furniture Maker


I was recently asked the question “Why did you become a Furniture Maker?” and my response was simple “because I enjoy it.”

Now granted, that’s a lazy answer, and in a perfect world that would be everyone’s response when asked about their occupation. But that question got me thinking, and I realised it goes far deeper than just “because I enjoy it.”

You see, building is a natural part of me. It’s in my blood and from what I’ve been told, even as a child, I was fascinated by how …

June 26, 2019

Building an Indoor Beehive – using Flow Hive technology.

Making custom made furniture is what I do. Which means I make all sorts of unique furniture, from coffee tables to dining tables, storage cabinets to vanities, wardrobes to entertainment units. But one of the most unusual requests I’ve ever received is to build an indoor beehive for Natural Life Australia.


The brief was simple. A timber box with a glass door. But the most important factor was it needed to house a hive that uses the unique Flow Hive technology.


The Flow Hive allows the honey to …