Indoor Beehive

Making custom made furniture is what I do. Which means I make all sorts of unique furniture, from coffee tables to dining tables, storage cabinets to vanities, wardrobes to entertainment units. But one of the most unusual requests I’ve ever received is to build an indoor beehive for Natural Life Australia.


The brief was simple. A timber box with a glass door. But the most important factor was it needed to house a hive that uses the unique Flow Hive technology.


The Flow Hive allows the honey to flow out of the hive and directly into a container, ready to eat without harming a single Bee. Pretty impressive!



Flow Hive indoor beehiveThe flow hive is designed with a plastic honey comb structure. Once filled with honey, a lever is pulled which separates the honeycombs, allowing the honey to pour out.


Carving out for the display area which not only allows you to view the honey, but also gives you access to insert the lever to release the honey.


Viewing area. A spout is placed in the lower panel, allowing the honey to freely pour away from the casing.

 You can see a PVC pipe on the lower right corner of the hive. This pipe is drilled from directly inside the casing to the outside of the building, allowing the bees to come and go as they please.



Like I said, this has to be one of the most unusual pieces I have made since starting Pedulla Studio. I must admit it wasn’t without its concerns. A lot of thought and care needs to go into a piece like this, so no people or bees are hurt incase of failure. It was very important to myself, as well as the team at Natural Life Australia, that every process of the design, build, installation and performance of this hive was given utmost attention to detail.

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