Sculpted Hall Table

This Hall Table is made from Walnut and Brass.
The sliding dovetails were certainly a time-consuming part of the build but a necessary step with a design such as this one.
It’s important to note that the legs were also bolted onto the dovetailed frame to ensure its stability. The dovetails alone are not enough to secure the legs. The front bolt (shown at the end of the video) is screwed into the threaded insert located at the front of the leg. There is another bolt and threaded insert positioned at the back of the leg and frame. The hole in the frame has been elongated to help with expansion and contraction.

It may look like there is a lot of wasted material in this piece, but each off cut has been saved and either used as a new section in this hall table or has been set aside for future projects.

I’ve glued the brass shadow line to the walnut top with a simple construction adhesive that specifically bonds wood and metals. This adhesive will allow some movement of the wood while also keeping a good bond to the brass. I used epoxy to glue the brass handle to the drawer fronts.
Ive sprayed the Brass with spray on lacquer.


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