White Oak Office Desk

This American White Oak Office Desk finishes at 100mm thick. It incorporates a torsion box style design which allows the table to not only stay flat and remain light weight, but also allows for an internal push catch drawer box.

The drawer itself is made from Quilted Maple and is stained black. The beautiful ripple effect has been achieved by using a process called Popping The Grain.

One of my favourite features of this Desk is the waterfall ends where the grain carries from the left leg, across the top and back down the right leg.

It is important to keep in mind that wood is a natural resource that continues to expand and contract throughout the seasons. The two areas that are most prone to movement are the radial plane and the tangential plane. In the case of this desk, it is the tangential shrinkage that poses the biggest threat, which is why this desk has been designed in such a way to allow for the expected wood movement.

The 10mm oak panels are attached to the torsion box frame using a flexible adhesive allowing enough movement tangentially. Also, the torsion box frame itself is smaller than the overall width of the oak panels, allowing the oak to expand and contract without interruption. This piece now sits in a controlled environment in an area where the average moisture content changes by roughly 2-3% throughout the year. But it must be said that this method of construction is not recommended for areas that have drastic changes in temperature.

The finish used is Osmo Polyx.

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