Leaf Table

Walnut & Oak
Hard Wax Oil

This Leaf Hall Table was built using Walnut and Plantation Oak which is essentially Tasmanian Oak grown in a sustainably controlled environment. I’ve used copper leaf to help accent some of the details in the top but because the table top isn’t flat, I’ve used 10mm acrylic to provide a flat surface. I decided to use acrylic instead of glass in this situation mostly because of the weight but also because I wanted to use screws to hold down the top. The screws go through the support dowels and into the leaves themselves providing a strong grab.

Please note this table has been designed as a display table and isn’t meant for heavy use like a dining table.  The Oak leaf tops are held into place using some metal brackets that will help the tops to expand and contract, although there won’t be much movement in the oak as it is quarter sawn material.

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